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    H griffiths Heard on the Radio tonight, that there will be only 4 Carmarthen Quins players in the side at Jersey the rest of the side will be made up of Turks and Llandoveryplayers, it makes a farce of the PlayOff's, but once again the Clubs and WRUIN, will cow tow to the TURKS, what a SHAMBLES WELSH RUGBY IS!!!!

    • Gareth Harris Looking at the Ponty team for Saturday's game I feel a discomfort of the ever increasing number of Blues players in the squad. It really makes as look more and more like their reserve team.

      • H griffiths I agree completly with your sentiments, if it continues I for one will not bother to attend the, I have posted before I SUPPORT PONTY NOT THE B---S IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM. I have repeatedly stated that the favoured Clubs will get what they want, one way or another, it makes everything about WELSH Rugby a FARCE, I stand by to be castigated by some on this forum.

        • chris davies I heard today that the regions wanted to put A teams in to this years bic, but the clubs were dead against it, so the regions compromised and said whichever teams qualified had to play a proportion of academy/regional players.
          Thats why ponty/keys/quins etc had so many in their squad.

  • London Scottish

    The Pudding London Scottish were impressive in yesterdays demolition of Plymouth. If anything, they looked even bigger up front than they were last year. They seem to have added pace behind as well. It's another mountain to climb for the lads.

    • peter jones Agree they looked a big unit up front , the boys will have their hands full ,looks to have been a significant recruitment campaign since last season by them ,interesting comments in the Rugby Paper yesterday about them making enquiries about them becoming a third Scottish side in the Pro 12

      • ComeonthePont! Maybe Ldn Welsh should do the same!

        • robertrees lets be fair they cudnt do any worse just over 200+ points difference to the bad with 1 point ,newcastle this weekend .they have to win really v the side 1 place above them.

  • PRO12 first and Third Divisions

    ComeonthePont! Watched Leinster v Munster yesterday, fantastic top drawer game - First Division!
    Just watched Scarlets v Dragons, incredibly poor - Third Division!

    • robertrees just over 35000 ppl there i heard wasnt there? i know they always move it to the aviva stadium to fit them all in.

      • winsky01 43,000+ officially.

    • winsky01 Yep the Irish Derby last night was a great watch. The Pro 12 has had a slight rebrand, Sky Sports have got involved, they've added meritocracy yet when the Welsh sides play each other they still churn out the same old rubbish. As did when the Dragons played the Ospreys a few weeks back. The skill levels in today's match were so unbelievably poor it was pathetic, particularly from the Dragons point of view. So many basic, unforced errors.

      • vivrePont No pace, no creativity just smash into the first opponent you meet. Rubbish!
        Watch the French top 14 excellent.

        • Stone Very true. Apart from a few moments of individual skill it was ruck, one pass, hit/tackle, one pass, hit/tackle and repeat until unforced error or kick. Attendance is stated at 7,124 so only 7,124 people in Wales paid to watch pro rugby this weekend.

          • winsky01 That crowd figure is truly awful considering that was two of only four of our pro teams. Supporters moan when it's a Friday evening, Saturday or a Sunday. When will the union wake up to the fact the public have never bought into these plastic entities.

            • winsky01 Quote from an actual Dragons fan off a Newport forum, illustrates how they feel about their own side -

              'I dream that one day we will get our rugby team back to the top table. Unfortunately I suspect that it will never happen and we are saddled with this Dragons monstrosity forever.'

              • Neil S Really? Lets be honest Newport RFC have spent a lot of time away from the "top table" even prior to regionalisation. I think it just shows the delusion of these fans; if they really despise it then they should walk away from it instead of pretending it is Newport RFC. I feel the Dragons are trying to develop a region, it is the mindset in the region that it is "Newport" that is the problem.

                • winsky01 The problem for the Dragons is they've always been crap. In previous season their excuse for this has always been that their players have been too young and inexperienced. This season they've gone down a different route, filled their team with over-the-hill journeymen like Gough, Andy Powell, Stankovich, Lee Byrne, Aled Brew etc. and they're still as crap. I've always had a lot of respect for Lyn Jones but even his contstant excuses and whining has got a bit annoying.

                  • Neil S Chaneg of player recruitment is up for comment, Lyn Jones is becoming annoying but then the regions are annoying in general. I think my point about Newport and Dragons and their identity stands tbh.

                • robertrees yh they aint been the best at wot they do for many a yr but they hav a fair knack of knocking off shock results wen they need them,but lets be fair the crowds drained away in the 90's and were abolished really since pro rugby has developed i mean look at the old superpowers such as neath or swansea but i suppose as welsh prem supporters we hav to look for a better future and perhaps ponty/ebbw/quinns and maybe the cardiff could be the next 4 ''superpowers'' or wat ever u want to call them of ythe welsh prem.

                  • winsky01 How could the Quins ever be a 'superpower'?? They play in a public park and barely get 100 people watching them at home games.

                    • ComeonthePont! Ireland had historic provinces, the nearest we had were the old Counties, but we hatched a hotchpotch masquerading as Regions.
                      They also have had Central Contracts for years with greater finance available.
                      An excellent comment by the Leinster Chief Exec in yesterdays paper in reference to Regional Rugby in Wales and the Leinster A game against Ponty at Sardis Road last season.
                      Basically the comment was that if Cardiff had been playing in the HC Final that day it wouldn't have mattered to the Ponty Supporters.
                      Fair comment and true

                      • Martin Williams I like that cotp true statement

        • robertrees ospreys were no better v zebre lucky to win.also the size in crowds between irish derbies and welsh derbies is ..well

  • London Scottish

    Pat Vellian London Scottish are on SKY SPORTS 2 at 3.15 today if you want a taster for next week.

    • Pat Vellian LS definitely improved on last season. Be interesting to see how seriously they take the BIC.

      • winsky01 64-16 Final score!!!!

  • Bit of 1 Eyed Sour Grapes Reporting

    peter jones Despite a fine first-half performance, Aberavon were unable to repeat last season's win over the Premiership champions at the Talbot Athletic Ground.

    However, an enormous penalty count in favour of Pontypridd plus three yellow cards against Aberavon leaving them with 13 men at one time and two dubious decisions on tries actually meant there was a false gap of 25 points with just a minute to go.

    Ponty led after only four minutes when an Aberavon advantage was not played by the referee and slick handling sent Matthew Nuthall over.

    Nic Damjanovic and Simon Humberstone placed penalties before Aberavon produced an amazing score when Chris Davies found Steffan Andrews who ran to halfway before sending inside to Morgan Williams who raced to the posts with Damjanovic converting to lead 10-8.

    A yellow card to Lee Purnell saw Humbersone's penalty put Ponty back ahead at 11-10 with the second half to come and the wind in Aberavon's favour.

    But, two tries from hooker Liam Belcher, the first converted by Humberstone, were followed by two more cards to Ben Thomas (which was probably mistaken identity) and Andrews plus a penalty try and a fifth try by Lloyd Williams wrapped it up.

    Aberavon never stopped trying but the 13 faced seemingly 16 though Chris Morgans touched down for Ceiron Thomas to convert.

    • H griffiths Strange how the report fails to mention the shoulder charge on Humberstone in the first half, and also the linesman flagged the ball was in touch but the ref let avon carry on, and the decapitation of HOWE in the second half, when he gave a yellow card instead of a straight red, but still I am a one eyed DINOSAUR, once again a FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE, let's back the boys on Saturday.

      • Robert Adonis Laughable !!!
        Good game first half but no contest in the second due to the gap in fitness. Some excellent performances all round.
        Where is OJ going to play next ............. Flanker?

    • KMAshman FALSE GAP OF 25 POINTS.....! So Aberavon were the better side and obviously deserved to win then. hmmm.....

    • H griffiths And I thought I was one-eyed!

      • ComeonthePont! Wasn't there but old fashioned one eyed stuff nonetheless.

  • Aberavon - Pontypridd

    Ponty Dog Aberavon - Pontypridd

    • robertrees do u use a recorder on a stand or just in ur hand?

  • Prediction Results and League Table

    Hoppy Revenge is sweet. What a great second half performance. Talking to some Wizards supporters they suggested at half time that their players burnt themselves out just keeping up with Ponty. Who knows how true that was but in the second half they were slower in the defensive line and didn't have the power in the scrum. But all in all very good win. Well done to Nightmare bringing in 20 points to leap up the table. On to next Saturday. BIG game. HOLD THE LINE

    • H griffiths What a team BELCHER a rare talent, the second row SUPERB, the WHOLE TEAM FANTASTIC, the only blot was the injury to SUMMERHILL, hope it is not to serious, and he makes a speedy recovery! i must admit to not fancying our chances yesterday, how wrong was I? a fantastic effort from a marvellous bunch of players.

      • Stone Indeed. It seems they came out full pelt and were paying for their first half efforts very early in the 2nd half. That resulted in them being slower and committing a lot of penalties. Good to see our running 15 man rugby firing well in the 2nd half (apart from the calamity under our posts early on). Their first half try was very opportunistic capitalising on our efforts to keep the ball alive and moving at all costs, not taking that away from how well they finished it off. Their 2nd try was probably down to lack of concentration long after the game was settled. Overall our defence was strong.

        From what I heard from Ponty photographer Alister Cornish, Summerhill was heavily winded from the hard tackle, hopefully that's correct and he's fit to play. That break he made before that tackle was sublime.

        • Stone Re Summerhill, possible concussion according to feed on Ioan's twitter.

    • H griffiths What a team BELCHER a rare talent, the second row SUPERB, the WHOLE TEAM FANTASTIC, the only blot was the injury to SUMMERHILL, hope it is not to serious, and he makes a speedy recovery! i must admit to not fancying our chances yesterday, how wrong was I? a fantastic effort from a marvellous bunch of players.

  • New Song

    Blotto Even though my song What's that coming over the hill has not caught on at the ground it is quite popular especially on here and the Blog. So thought I'd chance my luck with this. To the theme of "He's got the whole world in his hands"
    We got Big Craig Locke in the second row
    We got Big Craig Locke in the second row
    We got Big Craig Locke in the second row
    We got Lockey in the second row

    What do you think?

    • Stone I like it, simple and to a well know tune. Not sure it will catch on during the games but maybe on some long journeys and post match drinks.

    • peter jones Stick to the day job..not exactly Lennon and McCartney ??Lol
      How about Yellow Submarine or 2 ..!!

      • Stone What?
        'We all support our club called Pontypridd, our club called Pontypridd'

    • neil ridley Shit

      • robertrees lol ole ole ole is safe

        • Blotto Gets a bit repetitive Robert. Just trying to liven things up. Doubt it will catch on but neil Ridley will be singing it guaranteed. Yes I'll stick to the day job of getting drunk lol

          • neil ridley Good man blotto ... when are you out next?

            • Blotto Bristol home mate on 25th. Kids have given me a weekend off

  • other results and weekend news.

    robertrees ebbw 34-20 keys BP EBBW
    bridge beat Newport
    quinns took 5 points
    Llanelli took bp on Friday v neath
    Cardiff took 4 points

  • win

    the mole Another BP win 35-17

    • Gareth Harris Terrific result, well done team.

      • Chief brilliant, well done boys!

        • peter jones Huge team effort,so strong in last 20mins

          • ComeonthePont! Well done boys.
            I was glad to be wrong!

            • biscuitboy more than one or two I talked to were a little worried with what seemed a strange selection....but...what a performance just shows theemense talent in depth that we have at the moment. Congratulations Seb Davies thouht he had a cracker and will be one to watch in years to come showed great confidence for his second game and very athletic gets about a bit, Belcher ...what a prospect that young man is, James H getting really established as a premiership player in just one season, so many positives in what was a hard game against a seasoned team. MOM Humbers... gone up two notches since going full time. Well done everyone for a great tea/squad effort

  • Aberavon Team To Play Pontypridd

    chris kingsbury 15. Morgan Williams, 14. Kristian Corbisiero, 13. Matthew Jenkins ,12. Will Price, 11. Stef Andrews
    10. Nic Damjanovic, 9. David Pritchard
    1. Rowan Jenkins, 2. Gareth Harvey, 3. Chris John, 4. Ian Moore Cpt
    5. Ben Davies, 6. Lee Purnell, 7. Nathan Brown, 8. Chris Davies

    16. Chris Morgans, 24. Ceiron Thomas, 18. Joe Gage, 19. Ieuan Davies
    20. Ben Thomas, 21. Adam Beard, 22. Andrew Clatworthy, 23. Neil White

  • Prediction League v Wizards

    Paul Marshall Here's Mine

    • Strides Going to be tough down there...

      • The_Sion_King A tough one in store. One eye on next week?

        • H griffiths The boys will certainly have to step up to the plate tomorrow, I am sure that we will have a torrid time tomorrow, let's get down there and make some noise, will be difficult! but not impossible.

          • Stone Tough game, must play for the full 80+ mins!

            • ComeonthePont! Mine here - no more to add.

              • Kevin Fitzgerald Let's keep the streak Pont, tough game this.

                • Pontydragon Good Luck boys!!!

                  • Nightmare XV Can't make it tomorrow but let's make it another win Ponty!!

                  • Nightmare XV Can't make it tomorrow but let's make it another win Ponty!!

                    • biscuitboy tough one... not going that well and up against a tough pack in the wizards so it'll be tight ......we can do it ....c'mon the Pont!

                      • biscuitboy Posting on behalf of Garibaldi

                        • Hoppy Revenge. It that the right word and attitude for this game. Last year we had the game under control only to lose to a long range penalty and although we could have got a drop goal at the end of the game it would have been a win we didn't deserve. But today it's about focus and hard graft. Good luck boys. I'll be there giving advise, not that you or the ref listens to it. HOLD THE LINE

                          • Blotto big win today - people now playing for places for BIC games

                            • Neal Hammond Tough it out, boys!

                              • Polish Wonder Can't get the template to work again sorry Hoppy! (Off my phone)

                                FT Ponty 30-26
                                Ht 10-14
                                Diff 4
                                7 tries total
                                6 tries Ponty

                                5 penalties
                                First try O Sheppard
                                Last try Crocker
                                1 yellow

  • Blues Team

    lenny Adam at full back and Geriant on the bench. Although no Dico in the squad.So maybe available for us against Aberavon

    • peter jones Should we pick a squad to play Wizards that is likely to play 1st round B& I Cup ,who picks /influences that B& I side is up for debate .Ellis Jenkins also not involved for Blues ,do you pick him instead of WOC ????Why should Tubbs or Alex Jones move aside ,or any other of the 1st Team Squad for that matter ... or being Devils advocate ,just handover the BIC fixtures to the CB..

      • The Pudding Dual contract players won't be available to us all season. Us them when we have the chance, keep our key players as fresh as we can for what will be a long campaign. In addition, the fact that Simon Hunberstone has been turning out for us regularly, is really helping us out of a jam.

        • winsky01 I honestly can't believe Craig Locke has got a two match ban for a 'two-yellow card' sending off! The citing/banning panel is a joke. You see far worse offences week in week out at all levels of rugby that go either unpunished or get a token one week ban. Farce.

          • Huw Davies You're correct that 'worse' offences go unpunished but unfortunately because Tubbs was punished and received 2 yellow cards over the course of the match, one of which being for a high tackle, he was always likely to get a 2 week ban as per the WRU Disciplinary Regulations.

            • winsky01 Why did it take four weeks to issue his ban? Were they too busy trying to organise a 'drink'-up in a brewery?

          • ComeonthePont! Agree, also Dico isn't playing much Rugby at mo and where is Jordan?
            I guess Webber is with 7s again?
            All I do know is only our best XV will do for the BIC and we aint played it yet for a variety of reasons.
            Does it mean Tubbs will miss the BIC game?

            • winsky01 Looks like it. So Locke gets sent off against Cardiff and it takes the WRU the best part of a month before deciding his ban?

              • Prince Dafydd Our bench looks threadbare - no second prop and no second row or scrum half cover.

    • dunhukin Looks like Hammet is covering his back. So much for team effort at the B...s. Then again what do you expect.

      • dunhukin Looks like Hammet is covering his back. Great if signing happens, but if not Paul John is in the "merde". I do love team bonding!!!

        • dunhukin Sorry wrong post. No grandchildren present!!

  • Paul John.

    dunhukin See the world of Blues, Hammett is covering his A..e, by putting the recruitment of a player right in Jonseys hands. Love the team work. Bit like a suicide pass.Hammett says backs coach Paul John is confident Buenos Aires-born Amorosino can make his mark.

    "Johnsey has looked at him closely and we feel he can be a real success at Blues," said Hammett.

  • Attendance

    Neil S What was the attendance Saturday? Heard reports of under 500.

    • chris kingsbury more like 1500

      • Neil S Ah good. That would be about as expected for a low key WPL game. Often thought Pontypridd should record official attendances.

        • Stone Agree. It should be on the match reports at least.

          • H griffiths I agree with the above attendance figures, and would appreciate true numbers posted with the match reports, how many Clubs in our division would like a BAD crowd of 1500? Roll on Saturday.

            • robertrees cant wait for the crowd at ebbw ponty great atmosphere.

            • robertrees cant wait for the crowd at ebbw ponty great atmosphere.

  • Boxing Day

    Martin Williams I have just noticed that the blues are playing the dragons at Cardiff Arms Park at 2.05pm that day, would that mean our game being played earlier or the Saturday.

    • Nightmare XV or switched to Sardis Road???????

      • Strides Thought it had been moved to the Saturday !.

        • Ioan Dyer officially blues kicks off at 205pm, Ponty game to kick off around 5pm, double header, though not confirmed

          • dunhukin Important for sponsorship and advertising purposes.

  • Prediction League Results and Table

    Hoppy It was a game of two halves. The first disjointed, underpowered, and edgy. The second disjointed, powered and edgier. The difference being that when we brought on our bench the power came through the scrum, the line out began to function and again, yet again, our fitness showed toward the end of the game. I’m not one who would say we play our best players first and bring on the youth when the game is safe. Experience comes when you up against the best the opposing team has to offer and that’s early in the game. That’s when the coaches learn about the players and when the players learn about themselves. It’s just great that we can bring the players off the bench we have.
    So onto the Prediction League. The two joker players made great gains with Hoppy (yes me) getting 22 points and Stone trawling in 26 points. The luckiest player was Wevin getting 10 points by guessing the correct score last week. The unluckiest was Brooce getting nought for his efforts. Our newest player Garibaldi picked up an impressive debut making 11 points. So Hoppy stretches the lead at the top to 15 points.
    Please check the predictions just in case there is a mistake. So onto Aberavon. Thanks

    • Stone Well playing that joker was the best thing from yesterday. Though I think we had at least a couple of jokers from the pack of WRU officials yesterday.


    H griffiths Thank goodness for the cavalry, in the second half, we were very much under the cosh, like many I thought we hada very strange team, it proves that we cannot underestimate anyone, anyway onto Avon another tough test. GOOD LUCK BOYS.SEEYOU THERE

    • peter jones Yesterday prove that it is now a 22 man game and you are as good as your bench,their front row totally murdered us in the first half,however,when they made changes to their front row we had parity and a platform to go forward in the last 20mins and take the game from them,they gave the quins forwards a real go so not that surprised that they gave us toughest test so far this season,I'll take an ugly win and move on .

    • peter jones Yesterday prove that it is now a 22 man game and you are as good as your bench,their front row totally murdered us in the first half,however,when they made changes to their front row we had parity and a platform to go forward in the last 20mins and take the game from them,they gave the quins forwards a real go so not that surprised that they gave us toughest test so far this season,I'll take an ugly win and move on .

    • Gareth Harris What a struggle that was. Strange to see Ponty out-muscled in the first half. Think we're missing a good back-up to Humbers at outside-half as well. Thank God for a good bench. By the way the Bridgend web-site gives the official attendance as 345!

      • H griffiths Joke !it was not the biggest crowd, but 345 they are taken the mickey

        • winsky01 It is when according to BBC Sport the alleged attendance at Quins v Llanelli was 400!

        • Nightmare XV I think the scrum would not have looked so bad in te first half if the ref had stopped the Bridgend prop from turning in. Also the new 2nd row could have done with Tubbs or Dico as an experienced partner in his first game.

          • peter jones Don,t think it would have mattered who played in the second row in the 1st half,the front row were under pressure and any drive was being wheeled by their front row,we should have dealt with it and we did't,I think the young second row needs to put a stone on to play at this level , as for Dico,we need to move on,he is a Blues player 1st and foremost so we need to form a team around our squad and take it as a bonus as and when he is made available to. Us

          • Prince Dafydd I'm no expert when it comes to the scrum, but it seemed to me that it was the change that we made in the front row which turned the scrum around rather than the changes made by them. With regard to the second row, it probably would have been better for Tubbs to have been alongside Seb Davies but Alex Jones is by no means inexperienced.

            • Prince Dafydd Just had a look at the Bridgend RFC on-line forum where a Ravens supporter was crowing about their front row giving the Ponty front row a tough time despite being an average of five years a man younger. Can't argue with the 'tough time' bit but the average age bit didn't sound true. And indeed it wasn't. Having looked it up, the average age of our starting front row was 23 - theirs was 24. Why on earth do people insist on making up their own 'facts'?

              • biscuitboy Couple of things about the scrum....reffing it is difficult but they were allowed to get the shove on well before the ball was put in ...their loose head was wery cute and stitched Brad up all half but the main thing about the changes was the with the addition of Tubbs, Sheppy moving to the blind side and james in the front there was more weight coming through and stopped it turning.......grunt...simple as

                • Mogsy Poor performance all round yesterday. Our coaches need to take our best 22 to Aberavon next Saturday and give them game time together because the BIC starts the week after, otherwise the first BIC game of the season will be another disjointed performance like yesterday. That's all I'm saying on the matter otherwise I'll be lambasted by those that wear rose tinted specs.

                  • Sam Agree. We need to put our best 23 out next week, so they are match ready for the BIC v Scottish. No more rotation for the next few weeks, the games are too important.

                • winsky01 Apart from them shoving early every scrum, whenever it was our put-in they deliberately wheeled it everytime. The ref finally cottoned on after about 65mins.

                  • ComeonthePont! I thought the first half was abysmal
                    Other than the scrum Bridgend offered nothing, disappointing for a once great Club.
                    We were dreadful, too many changes, new combinations and basically had to rely on the cavalry to win the game.
                    Maybe I expect too much, but I was pretty bored with the first half, and I am not often bored at Sardis Road.
                    We have a number of key players who simply have to be picked for the big games and maybe we have half an eye on the BIC.
                    Still we are top of the table and all the others would take that, albeit we have not played the stronger teams yet and the Wizards will be tough next week.
                    A final concern from me is the dwindling crowd number, not as ridiculously reported above but still below previous Seasons.
                    I gather Season Ticket sales are up so where are the fans?
                    Still when all is said and done well done boys, a gutsy second half win, and the hapless first 40 happens to all teams at some stage.
                    I still believe in you all
                    Roll on next week!

                    • H griffiths Spot on good post

                      • Mozz Not so long ago we would be grateful for any win. Now we get a bonus point win and it is not good enough for some people because it is a poor performance?? We have a squad we have to utilise, we cannot use the same players week in week out

                        • ComeonthePont! Such has been the Club's success it is quite a few years since I was happy with any win.
                          I think we now have very high expectations, sometimes maybe too high?
                          Also I have a feeling that part of the dwindling attendance at some of our games is the feeling that we are going to win anyway so why go and see a mismatch?.
                          I don't agree with that attitude myself but maybe we are victims of our own success in that regard?
                          Just my take on things that's all.
                          I have absolutely no doubt that the big games (BIC in particular) will see huge support, which might just prove my point.

                          • Mogsy It's not just us saying it was a poor performance though, the players and coaches were saying the same. They know the performance wasn't up to the high standards that they set themselves.
                            As for not playing the same players week in week out, if you listen to Dafydd's interview with Ioan after the game, he say's that they made too many changes.
                            I know we have a big squad, but sometimes there is no need to make as many changes in personnel as we do. Make a couple of changes to keep everyone fresh, but making ten changes is sometimes a bit much and continuity goes out the window.
                            Also listening to some of the interviews, some players weren't as switched on as they should have been. I have no doubt that the players will be switched on during the BIC games, but they themselves admit that we have to be just as switched on in every game because everybody who plays us raises their game to knock us off our perch.
                            Nobody is saying that the players don't give anything less than 100%, but sometimes you get one of those days when things go pear shaped.

                            • Prince Dafydd I'm not sure that Dafydd did say that too many changes were made. What he seemed to be saying is that if you make a lot of changes you always run the risk of one or two players stepping in who are not sufficiently switched on. But I think Geraint makes it clear that the risk is one that he and the other coaches will continue to take. A policy of squad rotation with nine, ten or even more changes from game to game, has been pursued relentlessly over recent the last four years and has coincided with a period of unparalleled success for the club. You can debate whether the one has, or has not, led to the other but you cannot argue that squad rotation has prevented success.

                              • Mogsy I'm not arguing that squad rotation has led to success, I'm not a fan of it, never have been and never will. Maybe that's an old fashioned view, but when I played many many years ago, the only changes that were made from week to week was if anyone was injured, and my old coach used to say "how can we get any continuity in our game if I keep changing personnel". Not everybody agreed with him, especially those that were not often picked, but he was right.
                                Maybe we have been lucky over the years and got away with it because the league as a whole isn't strong enough, I'm sure others will disagree, but that's my view.
                                Geraint does say that they will carry on with the squad rotation, but the cynic in me wonders whether this is because of outside influences. One thing I would like to know, do the players drafted in from them down the road actually train with the rest of the squad on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or do they just turn up on a Saturday after being told by them that they are playing for us this week?

                                • Neil S I never have been a fan of squad rotation and also not a fan of the cast of many with links to the region; hence I don't watch much anymore. However, you can not doubt the success the policy/strategy has bought.

                        • Martin Williams Yes i agree with you Mozz, whoever puts on the Ponty Jersey always give 100%. You have to give youth its chance as it is a long season to challenge on all fronts. These youngsters are our future and by playing them now can only do Pontys cause the world of good.

  • Pontypridd - Bridgend 27:17

    Ponty Dog Pontypridd - Bridgend 27:17

  • Predictions for Bridgend game

    ComeonthePont! Oh heck! Team much changed!
    I think this will be very tough with key players not playing (where is Tubbs?)
    Still I think we will do it but Bridgend are far better than their start to the Season suggests.
    Hope we get there!

    • Strides Lot of changes....again, good to see Dowden back.

    • Pontydragon Sorry...not this week, Ravens

      • Neal Hammond I doubt if there isn't any club in the Premiership that doesn't envy our squad. I trust our excellent coaching team to manage it to the best effect. Lots of changes, but I'm sure they are all well considered

        • Hoppy Mmmmm I have a feeling this is going to be tough. Bridgend have a young squad and will be looking to get something here. We look ..... strange. But it's early in the season so I have no problems with changes this time of year and it gives the 'new' guys a chance to shine. So Let It Shine.
          HOLD THE LINE

        • The_Sion_King The rotation policy has served us well for years, no reason to doubt it now.

          • Paul Marshall Here's mine

          • Paul Marshall Here's mine

            • Nightmare XV I see Tubbs has been added to the bench for tomorrow.

              • ComeonthePont! Helps to have your enforcer there somewhere!

              • Nightmare XV Can't be complacent but if we play to our potential we should win. Come on the Pont!!

                • biscuitboy cant agree with the hullabaloo below about rotation etc and personally I think that Walshies best position will be outside center .. natural when he played there for us a few times last year...just my opinion.....anyway here's mine .....Cmon the Pont!!!!

                  • biscuitboy Hi posting this for a friend who'd like to join in the fun if there are any spaces

                    • Hoppy Hi Biscuitboy. No problem for your 'friend' to join in. Now be honest Garibaldi is your love child :~)

                      • Kevin Fitzgerald Almost forgot. C'mon Pont.

                        • Blotto Thin this team will do the business - first starts hungry men bring it on

                          • Polish Wonder Hi hoppy,
                            Sorry it's like this, can't open the template on my phone!
                            Here's mine, cheers

                            42-7 FT
                            22-7 HT
                            Points diff 12
                            6 tries total
                            5 tries Ponty
                            3 Penalties
                            First try O Sheppard
                            Last try Lloyd Williams
                            0 yellows
                            Golden Bob Lockyer

  • blues team

    lenny Dico, adam thomas all playing tomorrow. So geriant may be available along with humbers. Although lewis k should get a game having been on the bench so far.

    • peter jones Hope we don't underestimate the Ravens challenge and coaches make a load of changes again .

      • winsky01 They should have beaten us at Sardis last season but for Dacey's last gasp effort.

        • peter jones The Pontypridd team selected to face Bridgend is as follows:

          15.Aled Summerhill. 14.Chris Clayton. 13.Geraint Walsh. 12.Dafydd Lockyer – cpt. 11.Owen Jenkins. 10.Lewis K Williams. 9.Lloyd Williams.

          1.Chris Phillips. 2.Huw Dowden. 3.Bradley Thyer. 4.Seb Davies. 5.Alex Jones. 6.Rhys Shellard. 7.Tom Hetherington. 8.Owen Sheppeard.

          Subs: 16.Will Baird. 17.Simon Humberstone. 18.Dale Stuckey. 19.Marc Breeze. 20.Dan Godfrey. 21.Jordan Sieniawski. 22.James Howe.
          Too many changes for my liking ,have a horrible feeling in my water about this game

          • JDW Tubbs has been added to the bench, obviously we waited to hear of any ban :)

            • Martin Williams Cheers john, great news that, thanks mate c u tomorrow, my kids are mascots tomorrow. Got to be there by 2pm. The wife will be there by 1pm apparently and i dont know why. She has been out shopping today and bought 24 tubs of wintergrean lol

          • H griffiths Very strange selection in my opinion, but I hope for a good crowd, but for me it shows the influence that lot down the road have on our selection!

            • Mogsy Yes, couldn't agree more H. Geraint Walsh outside centre again, we all know Geraint is more of an attacking threat from full back, but it seems as if the bxxxx are trying to turn him into an outside centre. Marc Breeze on the bench again, what's wrong with our own hookers i.e Aled Morris? Is it any wonder why our lineout is malfunctioning. It does seem that them lot down the road are having an influence on our squad selection and sorry, but I for one don't like it. We'll soon see what happens when the BIC games start, or we get a few injuries, when all of a sudden these players become unavailable.
              The thing I fear from all this, is that it could cause unrest and some players could become totally pxxxxd off. As I've already said, I don't like it, don't like it one bit.

              • H griffiths This is no reflection on Marc Breeze, he does as the other players, do listen to the paymasters, in this ROTTEN CORRUPT SYSTEM, but what ticks me off is when our former players likeTANK, play for C-----F RFC, and we have to play players who have no TRUE connection to our Club, I hope that I am wrong but it would nor suprise me if that lot finished higher than us this year, when you take into consideration what is happening to our game.

                • Showboat13 What is happening to our game HG? 3/3 so far this season and won them all by 20 points!! This should be comfortable again on Saturday and we will certainly finish higher than Cardiff this season.

                  • H griffiths We have four favoured Clubs, not SUPERCLUBS, as SUPERCLUBS win things, not REGIONS,and they can, and are dictating who plays for who, and when, it makes in my opinion, a mockery of the league structure, I will be there tomorrow as usual, cheering the team on, as I have an affinity to ponty and the valleys, and I, as always am PROUD TO BE A ONE EYED DINOSAUR, and believe in fair play, and honesty.

                  • saethennin I like the look of our three-quarters and I reckon that Geraint Walsh is equally potent as outside centre or full back. Good to see Dowden starting and hopefully he'll prove his match fitness in time for the BIC campaign. I'm really looking forward to seeing this selection in action tomorrow.

                  • Pontyboyo Exactly. And hasn't Walsh played outside centre before? I'm sure he played there when Dacey was injured for a long time. That was long before he signed for the Blues.

                    • Mogsy Garyn Smith played a number of games while Dacey was injured, my own opinion is Geraint looked uncomfortable at outside centre against Neath, his best position is full back end of.

                      • Mogsy I would just like to add that some of our supporters are starting to get a bit cocky, in thinking that it's a formality that we will put 20-30 odd points on other sides.
                        Underestimate the opposition at your peril, don't forget they all want to knock us off our perch and they always seem to raise their game against us.

                        • Prince Dafydd 'Geraint looked uncomfortable at outside centre against Neath' - er, he played full back against Neath. He played centre for us on the odd occasion last season and did very well. To my knowledge the Blues see him as wing/full back - I don't think they've tried him at centre. If we play well tomorrow, we will win by 20 points or more irrespective of how Bridgend play - that's not cockiness, it's an objective assessment of the players available to the two teams.

                          • Mogsy I stand corrected, and should have said when he played on the wing against Cardiff. There is an air of cockiness creeping into some of our supporters, and was evident in Newport last Friday with a group of our supporters when we started to pull away in the second half.
                            I'm not arguing the fact that if we play well we will win by some margin, and on our day we all know that we can beat sides that on paper we shouldn't be, but this air of arrogance among some is not what this club is all about.

                            • Neil S Gents, Pontypridd are an integral part of the Blues region.

                              • winsky01 Not really, we are allowed to play the players we nurtured but are we reliant on the Cardiff Blues?

                                15. Mathew Nuthall
                                14. Alex Webber
                                13. Gavin Dacey
                                12. Dafydd Lockyer
                                11. Lewis I Williams
                                10. Lewis K Williams
                                9. Lloyd Williams

                                1. James Howe
                                2. Aled Morris
                                3. Keiron Jenkins
                                4. Craig Locke
                                5. Alex Jones
                                6. Wayne O'Connor
                                7. Rhys Shellard
                                8. Dan Godfrey

                                16. Joel Raikes
                                17. Gary Williams
                                18. Chris Clayton
                                19. Chris Phillips
                                20. Huw Dowden
                                21. Jordan Sienawski
                                22. Luke Crocker
                                23. Tom Hetherington

                                We are starting to get stick, much of it from our jealous so called 'friends' from Neath who reckon we'd be nothing without the Blues. Well this is a potential Pontypridd team that doesn't rely on anyone and we'd still be class against most at our level.

                                • Mogsy Good looking side that winsk, and as you say without any interference from the blues. There is also Jake Thomas and Pat Palmer to add to that when they both return from injury.

                                  • winsky01 Yep I didn't include the injured guys.

                                • Neil S I said integral, not reliant. Aren't Raikes, Webber and Morris linked with the Blues?

                                  • winsky01 Many people now think we are reliant on the Blues which is complete and utter tosh. Yes you did say integral Neil but are we really? All we are doing (Breeze aside) is playing players who we as a club have nurtured, players who had nothing to do with the Blues like Humbers, Dico, Walsh, Adam Thomas etc. I don't agree with regions throwing all sorts of players at the WPL clubs like some have over the years, all we are doing is getting access to the players that we have invested in over many years.

                                    • Neil S Yes, yes Pontypridd are integral to the Blues withour any shadow of doubt in my mind.

                                  • Sam Raikes and Morris are nothing to do with the Blues. Webber is a WRU 7's contracted player.
                                    Guys I think we need to put the BLUES players debate into perspective. To play in the premiership we have to sign the participation agreement, which is to develop youngsters who are believed to have the potential to make professional rugby. We could lose our place by not doing this.
                                    I actually think it is great to see ex-players dropping back down as I think they improve the quality of the premiership. It is not just us utilising this, Bridgend have 4 or 5 O's in their squad today.
                                    It has to be properly managed though, as it may cause regular players to become disheartened missing out on certain games.
                                    It is still early days this season, By last November we didn't have one fit centre, as injuries and regional call ups mount up, you will soon see the benefit of having a larger squad.

                                    • Neil S I don't agree or disagree with you Sam. The interpretation that some like to give is that Pontypridd want nothing to do with the region, that is simply not the case.

                                      • winsky01 What can we do Neil? Honestly? Politics and law means we are forced to have something to do with the region.

                                        • Neil S What I am saying is that a lot of people should stop with what I perceive as being falseties. Pontypridd is now very much integral to the Blues, the two feed off each other. Pontypridd is now very much a "regional" side, as much as any other in the Premiership. So I really think a lot of the harping on about regional intereference and all that is counter productive. This is the way Pontypridd is now, it is the regional model at work as good as anywhere in Wales. The clever bit is that Pontypridd is (currently) also maintaining its own identity and ethos.

          • chris kingsbury Bridgend Ravens travel to Pontypridd this weekend looking for their first points of the Principality Premiership season.
            After two defeats, the Ravens are looking to kick start their campaign in Wales top flight. Pontypridd is rarely a happy hunting ground for any side, but Bridgend head to Sardis Road with some optimism following a much improved performance against Carmarthen Quins last time out.
            Bridgend Ravens XV: James Dixon, Tom O'Flaherty, Tom Morgan, Steve Winn, Mike Powell, Ryan Evans, Tom Habberfield.
            Marc Thomas, Ashleigh James (c), Daniel Suter, Kyle Evans, Ben Jones, Olly Cracknell, Zac O'Driscoll & Dai Barry.
            Replacements: Greg George, Mitchell Auger, Cai Lewis, Rhodri Hughes, Adam O'Driscoll, Chris Williams, Tito Tebaldi & Owen Howe.

            • Hoppy Just been informed that Dai Barry is Mrs Hoppy's 2nd cousin. Abercwmboi product so will know Lockyer well. Was playing for the Blues academy and Wales Youth but broke his leg a few years back. Nice to see him return even if its for the wrong team today. HOLD THE LINE

          • Gareth Harris Who is this seb Davies in the 2nd row? Whereis Tubs?

            • peter jones Has Tubs been suspended following his 2 yellow cards= 1 Red ?

              • Martin Williams Cant be he came on as sub in newport

                • peter jones I know that,I was questioning whether since the Newport game last Friday if a ban had been issued by Wru,I think it may be a rota that the coaches have with Tubs and Alex Jones

            • Prince Dafydd Seb Davies is one of our Blues Academy players. Don't know who Will Baird is though. Presumably scrum half cover drafted in from elsewhere. Disappointingly, for the second game running, we only have one prop on the bench. This team will be far too strong for Bridgend, but I would have liked to see Alex Webber playing. Unless injured, we should be using using him at every possible opportunity whilst the pitches remain hard and dry.

              • winsky01 As Tom Williams is away with Wales 7's I would presume Webber is as well. He represented Wales in the Manchester 7's a couple of weeks back.

  • Pontypridd - British and Irish Cup 2014-2015

    Ponty Dog Pontypridd - British and Irish Cup 2014-2015

  • ‘SW1’ wristbands

    Pontydragon Me and the Moose just got ours in the mail today. Special stuff to treasure forever.
    Anybody know how Stu's wife and kids are doing?

  • The Sig

    dunhukin Best man on Mosley team last week, scored a try against Leeds today. Best of luck to him, never gave less than his best when he played for Ponty

  • Newport v Pontypridd

    Ponty Dog Newport v Pontypridd

  • Todays results

    Gareth Harris
    Bridge 19 quins 32
    Cardiff 27 Llanelli 15
    Keys 25 Bedwas 23
    Llandovery 13 Avon 10
    Neath 18 Ebbw 29

    • Gareth Harris Sorry, should read Keys 25 - Bedwas 29. Bit of a shock that.

  • Dragons v Glasgow

    winsky01 As we've got a free Saturday afternoon I thought I'd watch this match. The Dragons really are a rubbish rubbish side. It's about time the WRU gave the regions say three or five year licences. I can understand there's only enough funding for four pro welsh sides but I think if a team continually under performs season after season after season like the Dragons do, why not revoke their 'pro-licence' and let another area have a go at pro rugby? Completely outplayed at home against 14 men for big part of the match, no ideas, no hope. The Men of Gwent should just turn it in.

    • Blotto It was bad and Lyn Jones moaning about funding again, I forgot they were playing the billionaires of word rugby - Glasgow. If you have lots of money or not and your professional then you strength and fitness should be equal to that of other teams. Dragons could not cross the gain line, had no ideas and were in general an embarrassment

      • winsky01 Agree the regions moaning about funding they need to put a different record on. If they put as much effort into trying to generate their own income as they do whinging that it should be just handed to them they would be cash rich.

        • Neil S The Dragons were abject, the Blues were abject the night before. The Dragons looked like a second tier side though. Take Falataeu out and they are awful. The Dragons wouldnt get out of the English Championship in my opinion. The funding argument is dead an buried, they signed an agreement with the Union, get on with it.

    • Stone Fortunate to not have seen it but I'm guessing this report isn't far off.

      • winsky01 Not far off. The one thing that bugs me is when the regions whinge when they've got a few injuries. Surely that's the point of regional rugby? Looking for the next star in Gwent? Nope even though they've got four teams in the prem and Pontypool feeding them they have to go to the ospreys for players. Perhaps this proves rugby in Gwent just isn't sustainable...

    • vivrePont The decision to red card the Glasgow player was atrocious, especially as the ref didn't have access to the to tv reply. Agree Winsk, Dragons woeful!

      • ComeonthePont! Just watched the recording. Dragons poor with the usual noisy support.
        Rhys Thomas should have had a yellow at the rec card incident and Faletau should have had yellow earlier for a late challenge on Matawalu with a penalty try also likely.
        Glasgow are not exactly full of stellar names themselves and Scottish Rugby is hardly in rude health.
        Gwent Rugby has been a real weakness throughout the Pro era.

    • lenny Good win for ebbw away to neath. No one will look forward to playing them. Should be a cracker when they play the pont....

      • ComeonthePont! Well done Ebbw.
        Yes they have the bit between their teeth with I suspe4ct the same 'us against the World' mentality we have in Ponty.
        Roll on when we meet.

        • Neil S I dont beleive Ponty have an "us against the world" situation anymore. Pontypridd are very much an integral part of the regions player development pathway nowadays and dare I say also working to the remit of a premiership club as set out by the WRU. So I dont think that analogy sits with Pontypridd any longer; certainly for me it doesn't.

          • Alun Jones If you watched the Dragons you were lucky I went to watch Bridgend v Quins! Wales on Sunday write up said Thrilling! MUST HAVE WATCHING A DIFFERENT GAME TO ME. yawn yawn. Poor fare, counted those present - less than 250. So sad to see teams with long and good histories with next to no support. Came home sat in a dark room and drank warm Ribena - that was far better!

            • winsky01 My mate went down to Carmarthen Quins to watch Newport on the opening day of the season, bearing in mind you could argue after the regions and after last seasons WPL standings that Quins are the 6th best rugby team in Wales. My mate said there were probably 80-90 combined total of supporters at Y Parc for the match. Embarrassing but that's the state of the game in the country.

            • robertrees yh said 350 on the last newport game and they used to get thousands back in the dat

            • robertrees yh said 350 on the last newport game and they used to get thousands back in the dat

              • robertrees *day and soz for repeat

  • Playoff opinions

    Welcome to our world Mr Griffiths, at least you don't have to play off to enter your cup competions.

    • winsky01 I can see why play-offs exist at pro level because teams like Leicester or Leinster in their respective leagues have to content playing large parts of the season without 10 or 12 of their first line international players. Why we have them at our level is ridiculous, the teams in the prem are disturbed too much throughout the season. Regarding the farcical BIC playoffs my opinion has always been if we have to have them they should be played the actual season the league finishes whether that means extending the season who knows. Having them the following season like we do opens the system to abuse I.e. Cardiff could finish 10 places below us, recruit a load of players and beat us - a seasons hard work down the toilet potentially.

      • H griffiths Or recruit a load of players finish in the top four, and the W.R.U.I.N change the rules to qualify, along with the favoured clubs of course.

      • winsky01 *contend
        *aren't disturbed too much


        • pj_becks Shame Saracens voted for them in the first place then along with the other clubs apart from Leicester. I can't see the playoff system ending anytime soon which is a shame as league leaders deserve the title and the BIC spots going to the WP's top 4!

          • ComeonthePont! Don't put forward the correct solution..............that is not the way things work as you know.
            It is all about how can we contrive to make the Season end a bit more spicy and earn some more cash.
            As for Winskys comment on the BIC play off in the next Season the again you are totally correct Winsk, but as I say being correct doesn't always mean it is what happens.
            Why it is played in the next Season if we have to have playoffs is beyind me.
            But I am just me, not a BigWig!
            Me :)

  • Prediction League after Game 3

    Hoppy I couldn't make it last night. But it seems that we didn't come out of the changing rooms at half time allowing Newport to come back to 17-12. But again we didn't allow a team to score a try while under pressure. That's great commitment and organisation. Well done guys.
    With a few playing jokers points gained were aplenty. And it was Hoppy who leapt back to the top of the table. Biscuitboy made the most of the joker with 26 points and with Blotto and Brooce getting 18 points the latter without the use of the bonus. We are still missing a few players from last season, and we have five places available. Lots of time to catch up if you want to get involved. Next up is Bridgend at home. Can't wait. Please check the results you know what happened last week. I got the five pointers included this time but I may have missed a score.

    • Robert Adonis I never felt we were really under pressure - although you could say that there was a little scoreboard pressure when they pulled it back to 12-17. However that was because we gave some silly pens away - one of which was kicked from near the half way line.
      We had a bit of a dip when the replacements were made - but then the boys seemed to pick up the pace again and then won very comfortably in the end.
      Many tougher tests to come no doubt !!!

    • ComeonthePont! Thanks Hoppy
      Wasn't meant to be a joker from me.........honest!
      In a rush I simply pasted my prediction onto another entry in the thread and didn't pan over to the far right, not realising it was a joker entry!
      Still that's just tough so I'll accept it!

      • Blotto I had a good feeling about last night. Cracking win and I rocketed up the table. Look oyt hoppy blottos heading for the top

        • Pontydragon I think you shorted me Hoppy...had halftime score on the nose for both

          • Hoppy Bert you are spot on. I also gave you an additional 2 points for getting the two score right. So 6 not 2 for you and jumping you up the table to 15th. I'll issue the revised prediction results and table later to give others a chance to tell me what else I got wrong. HLTG

  • score

    the mole 7 nil up after 5mins, L. williams try, Humbers converts. ( up to date scores)

    • the mole 7-3

      • lenny 17 pts to 3 to ponty half time.

      • the mole 17-3 on 37 mins. Looks like it's going to be a good night!

        • pontyboysdad 12 - 17. 65mins

        • Gareth Harris 17-9 59 mins. Come on Ponty!

          • Gareth Harris 17-12 Oh my God!

            • Gareth Harris 20-12 66 mins

              • Gareth Harris 25-12 phew!

                • Gareth Harris 32-12 final minute. Bonus point in the bag.

                  • Gareth Harris 34-12 FS

                    • Nightmare XV Well done Ponty, had me worried for a while there!! Got to be our first win at RP for a couple of seasons.

                      • pj_becks Great start, first win there since Oct 2010.

                        • Hoppy who scored the final try??? Great to get 4 tries but seemed to be sleeping in the third quarter.

                          • pj_becks Sheppard

                          • Gareth Harris Sheppy scored last try. Good report South Wales Argus website

                            • H griffiths What an adventure last Night bus broke down, still saw all the game,Humberstone for me man of the match, controlled the game, seems to be getting better every game, but everyone of them SUPERB

                              • ComeonthePont! Wasn't there but RP is not a happy hunting ground for us.
                                Se well done boys, a bonus point win down there with a much changed team makes a statement of intent.
                                They can do no more.

  • Predictions for Game 3 Newport Away

    Hoppy Got to get in early as I'm in Wrexham tomorrow and will miss the game. No idea what the team is but I know we will have a strong one. I just hope we play more than the 15mins we played there last year. HOLD THE LINE

  • Newport team

    chris kingsbury G O'Driscoll, A Hewitt, N Edwards, D Franchi, J Morris, M O'Brien, A Quick, D Pattison, Andrew Brown, A Jeffries, Adam Brown, A Frampton, R Jenkins, O Griffiths (capt), B Lampitt.
    Reps : D Rogers, L Jenkins, C Davies, D Partridge, S Feehan, O Broad, J Lewis, J Murphy

    • H griffiths I do not know the rules regarding the B.I.C. DO CERTAIN PLAYERS HAVE TO HAVE BEEN IN THE CLUB SQUADS, FOR A MINIMUM NUMBER OF GAMES DURING THE SEASON? Tonight no penalties O'Driscoll hell of a boot, and Hewitt very quick, but I fancy a result tonight can't wait.

    • H griffiths I do not know the rules regarding the B.I.C. DO CERTAIN PLAYERS HAVE TO HAVE BEEN IN THE CLUB SQUADS, FOR A MINIMUM NUMBER OF GAMES DURING THE SEASON? Tonight no penalties O'Driscoll hell of a boot, and Hewitt very quick, but I fancy a result tonight can't wait.

    • Stone The Pontypridd team selected to face Newport is as follows:

      15.Aled Summerhill. 14.Lewis I Williams. 13.Gavin Dacey. 12.Dafydd Lockyer - cpt. 11.Matthew Nuthall. 10.Simon Humberstone. 9.Lloyd Williams.

      1.James Howe. 2.Liam Belcher. 3.Bradley Thyer. 4.Alex Jones. 5.Chris Dicomidis - cpt. 6.Wayne O'Connor. 7.Rhys Shellard. 8.Dan Godfrey.

      Subs: 16.Tomos Williams. 17.Lewis K Williams. 18.Chris Clayton. 19.Kristian Dacey. 20.Owen Sheppeard. 21.Craig Locke. 22.Chris Phillips.

  • Weekend

    Gareth Harris I see Geriant Walsh named on the bench for the Bloos this weekend.

    • lenny And Adam on the bench. But no Chris dicomidis. So may play at Newport.

  • Referee Owens

    dunhukin Just seen that Mr Owens has successfully appealed against points on his license. Stated had long term medical problem which meant he had to get to a toilet to take his medication. He was caught speeding on the M4, on his way to referee a match in Ponty on 26th. December 2013. Who was the opposition, and what was the refereeing like?

    • Robert Adonis It was Cardiff RFC and we won so he obviously reff'd a blinder :o)

    • ComeonthePont! With all my problems I am ok then!

  • Lee Evans

    paul spencer Heard today that duck has been banned for two years.any truth in this or not

    • robertrees dai Langdon told me he had quit ''sort of'' only a few hrs ago so make wot u can of it

      • Phill The Bull I'd wait to see if anything comes from the man himself - speculation is the worst form of gossip...

        • Neil S What on earth for?

          • Phill The Bull Exactly - Until something comes out from the player himself or the Club, I suggest this thread is removed

            • winsky01 Nothing derogatory has been said about an individual though.

              • Phill The Bull "Heard today that duck has been banned for two years"
                Why even mention it without any solid evidence?

                • winsky01 I hope it's not true but unfortunately with forums people tend to post the odd rumour now and again.

          • Phill The Bull Exactly - Until something comes out from the player himself or the Club, I suggest this thread is removed

            • biscuitboy Can't agree Phill... a rumor is a rumor its not defamatory so shouldn't be removed

  • Lets see

    Daiponty1 Whilst watching the bloos get stuffed by Glasgow today - (deservedly so by the way) the only chant you hear from the crowd is Kardiff, Kardiff, Kardiff - which demonstrates like us Ponty fans that they themselves do not believe in the regional concept - but lets see if they get slated as much as the Ponty faithful do when singing 'we will never be a bolo' - I doubt if it will even get reported! - so all that extra money, a fantastic surface, foreign imports and they still get stuffed by a TEAM and thats the bit they just don't get - its about the TEAM

    • Robert Adonis They ARE called THE CARDIFF BLUES after all - and unlike some of the other regions have kept the geographical reference - so you wouldn't expect anything else really !!!
      You should have watched the footy on Sky. :o)

    • vivrePont If the Scots had played with their two decent half backs in the first 40 mins, they would have been slaughtered. Enjoyable anyway!

    • Daiponty1 obviously should say 'bolo' not 'bolo' - not much difference though!!

      • Daiponty1 Bloo!!!

  • Prediction League

    Hoppy A game of mixed feelings. Always in control but never looked to kill the game off. Perhaps too early in the season to worry about missed opportunities, we did get the five points that was on offer. Lots of changes but that keeps the squad interested and even fresh.
    On to the Predictions. Now don’t get me wrong I like Rhys Shellard, he lives not far from me, his dad and uncle worked in the pit with my dad, he’s a great sevens player and wonderful seven. BUT BUT BUT why did he have to score that last bloody try !!!!! Before that I had the correct number of tries, Ponty tries and final try scorer. He lost me 10 points. If I had played my joker……. I tell you what he would be playing for Cardiff next week. I would have used all my power in the club to get him out. (no chance then)
    Well done to Nightmare getting 19 points and Fitzgerald getting to top spot. Early days but the tension is already building. There are five places left if you want to join in the fun.

    • Stone Hi Hoppy. I think I had Dan G as 1st try scorer but not awarded. Might need those points in the basement battle towards the end of the season. (I could be wrong)

      • Hoppy Hi Stone. You are correct. Sorry about that. I'll update the predictions and table later. Can I ask everyone to check their predictions so that I can update the predictions and table accordingly. Thanks.

        • Stone Good to hear. Gutted I couldn't make the game. Same again next week!

          • Neal Hammond Hi Hoppy. I thought it was 5 points for tries scored and 5 points for Ponty tries scored. Have I got it wrong?

            • Hoppy Oh HELL Bells. I don't even know my own rules.... Neal you are spot on I'm using last seasons scores. So I'll update the predictions for last week and this week and come back to you. Thanks for spotting that. Cheers HTL

  • Pontypridd v Neath 13/09/2014

    Ponty Dog Pontypridd v Neath 13/09/2014

  • Neath Game

    Sam Not really sure what to make of todays game. We played well in parts, particularly the rolling maul, however I thought we sometimes forced the issue a bit making quite a few handling errors, which sometimes would put ourselves under pressure. Don't get me wrong a fantastic result, with the 5 points, but plenty to work on before the BIC kicks off. Hopefully our Neath friends on here can clarify, was that Neath's best team? Their squad lists the following who were not involved - Aaron Bramwell, Nicky Eaves, Lee Evans, Dai Langdon and Lee Beach, I would have expected some of these to be in the 23 surely?

    • ComeonthePont! Duck and Langdon injured
      Not sure about the others
      Patchy today, low key at times.
      we have to go up a few notches with tougher opponents.
      Still a good win without hitting top gear.
      Lineout still not convincing.

      • H griffiths Good result poor performance must sort the lineout problems out, concerned about the influence that lot down the road appear to have on our selection, when we have to play a forth choice B---S hooker, nothing against the boy, still you can only play what's in front of you.

        • Sam It seems the Blues want both their back up hookers playing in the prem rather than nothing which is logical. Personally Rhys Williams is more of a natural fit for us than Marc Breeze. As Rhys is a local lad and product of our mini/juniors and senior teams. Nothing against Marc Breeze though, he plays where he is told too, and he didn't let anyone down when he came on.

          • Richard Evans Being an Aberavon boy, he probably enjoyed the victory over Neath....

        • Prince Dafydd Whilst the performance may not have been perfect, I don't think we should complain too much about a six try thumping of Neath. Many of our mistakes arose from our ambition and willingness to try and keep the ball alive at all costs. We could have kept it tight and made far fewer mistakes but it would make for much less interesting viewing. On the few occasions when we did keep it tight, our forwards looked unstoppable - albeit we were playing against a rather weak Neath pack. Disappointingly, the match lacked atmosphere and the attendance seemed rather on the low side. I hope people aren't becoming complacent/bored of constant success.

        • Prince Dafydd Whilst the performance may not have been perfect, I don't think we should complain too much about a six try thumping of Neath. Many of our mistakes arose from our ambition and willingness to try and keep the ball alive at all costs. We could have kept it tight and made far fewer mistakes but it would make for much less interesting viewing. On the few occasions when we did keep it tight, our forwards looked unstoppable - albeit we were playing against a rather weak Neath pack. Disappointingly, the match lacked atmosphere and the attendance seemed rather on the low side. I hope people aren't becoming complacent/bored of constant success.

          • Sam Agree about the crowd. I think with two home games to start us off, some people may have chose the Cardiff game over this one. BIC has more at stake and the obvious draw of Cardiff always adds more atmosphere. Unfortunately Neath are not the force they once were too.

            • Mogsy The most disappointing thing for me yesterday, was that scoreline flattered Neath. We should have really turned the screw on them yesterday, some of their players were blowing out of their rear ends after 25 minutes. We weren't ruthless or clinical enough and it should have been a 60 pointer yesterday. If the shoe was on the other foot, they would have taken great delight in rubbing it in. That was the poorest Neath side I think we have ever played also confirmed by two Neath supporters I was talking to.
              Lineout continues to be a problem, but I suppose that making ten changes is bound to affect consistency. I also thought the crowd was on the low side, but most of the clubs in our division would still love to have the numbers we had yesterday. Maybe it's a sign that Neath are not the draw that they once were, which is sad really because we need as many strong teams as possible otherwise I fear the WRU will cut it down to ten sides.

              • peter jones Agree with most of what's been said,Neath were poor but I thought we lacked killer instinct and butchered too many opportunities, main area of concern is lineout and in this case I think "practise makes perfect" too many changes disrupts what is a coordinated part of the game ,thrower ,lifter jumper.We need our best 8 against Newport and a solid 2 sessions of line out practise

                • Sam 100% right! As a former hooker, you would often take the flack when the lineout starts going pear shaped. However if any part of the throw, lift, jump or catch isn't spot on, it is unlikely to function properly. The pack needs some consistent selection and more game time. Seb Davies is a decent prospect though, and has plenty of height which is a bonus.

              • Neil S In all honesty I dont think the WPL is a draw for anyone

                • Mogsy It's not just the WPL Neil, just 7000 watching the Dragons v's Ospreys, let's be honest they should be attracting double that figure.
                  I still maintain though that we see more attractive rugby in one half of rugby in some games than you do in an entire regional game. Not all games, but on the whole I think the WPL is more attractive than the dirge that the regions serve up. Unless off course you listen to scumv where everything is wonderful.

                  • H griffiths Scrumv is a perfect example, of what is wrong with OUR GAME, old mates patting one another on the back, last week for example we had J Davies more interested in his trip to Boston, than the Rugby that preceeded his comments. And by the way before anyone comments, I endorse any charity fund raising, but we have to accept that the wpl, does not exist as far as SCRUMV, IS CONCERNED. How long before another war breaks out between the favoured clubs and the WRUIN. DON'T FORGET WE HAVE A TOUGH ONE FRIDAY NIGHT, FILL THE BUS UP AND GET THERE ANY WAY YOU CAN, GET TO DAVE PARADE!

                    • saethennin I suspect that our squad as it stands is too big, with over forty players now listed. Some of the Academy youngsters will struggle to get a game and will have to turn out for lower clubs if they want game time. I'd hate to think that good club stalwarts like Clayton, Lewis I Williams and Hetherington go for weeks without a game for us. Anyway, back to the Neath game: the one huge positive for me (from a generally very sound display) was the form of Dillon Lewis. He dominated in the scrum (against two props - Gareth Thomas and Aaron Coundley who were considered regional players in the making at the Scarlets and the Dragons) and he was a thundering presence in the loose. He's a great addition to our front row resources.

                      • Prince Dafydd Couldn't agree more regarding Dillon Lewis. Thought he showed real potential when he came on against London Welsh. Yetserday's display confirmed my initial impression. You're probably right about the size of our squad too, although I'd rather have a squad which is too big than one which is too small.

                        • Mogsy Yes, I'll agree with that. In fact Dillon was my man of the match yesterday.

                          • H griffiths We want to be carefull as a to big a squad, will affect team spirit, just my opinion.

    • Sam BTW here are the other results
      Aberavon 18- 33 Cross Keys
      Cardiff 52- 27 Bridgend
      Carmarthen 44- 10 Newport
      Ebbw Vale 30-29 Llandovery

      • Graham Interesting Ebbw beating Llandovery, great result for them.

        • ComeonthePont! Well done Ebbw-sounds a humdinger.
          Noone will relish going to EXP.

          • robertrees I hope so anyway ,also good result for ponty(cant wait for ponty v ebbw an I the boys cant either) hoping for a good game for us v neath to get nother 5 pnts

  • Neath Team

    lenny 1. Gareth Thomas

    2. Sion Crocker

    3. Marc Jones

    4. Jon Barley

    5. Adam Williams

    6. Alex Humfrey

    7. Jordan Collier

    8. Leon Ward

    9. Tom James (C)

    10. James Thomas

    11. Ashley Evans

    12. Lloyd Evans

    13. Ryan Evans

    14. Dafydd Howells

    15. Alec Jenkins

  • WRU article

    Neil S Spot the error.."Paul John may retain the title of head coach, but by his own admission his hands will be full for most of the season as the backs coach at Cardiff Blues. That means the coaching reins will be held by Geraint Lewis and Gareth Wyatt, two players who won international honours from the club and who, like John and Dale McIntosh before them, bleed blue and black when they are cut" . Is that "error" deliberate? Someone let the know!

    • william johnson well said neil,my sentiments aint right if they don't bleed black and white.
      Cmon the black and whites we can win tomorrow.

      • Stone Looks like something else we can blame the wru for then?

  • Team Announcements

    dunhukin Are Thursday posts no longer viable?

    • Paul Gage its on the homepage

      • lenny Ellis and Marc Breeze from the blues? Thought they would play in bic games not league matches. New front row as well, come on ponty........

        • chris davies Starting to get a heavy blues influence already??

          • peter jones My thought exactly, with new coaches I would have thought team continuity would be priority to establish patterns ,there already appears to be a Blues influence coming into selection ,what identity has Marc Breeze with Ponty ?Why so many changes so soon

            • H griffiths Concerned the selection seems strange, the second row? Webber is he injured, and also I thought Alex Jones had a good game, no disrespect to Jordan who always gives100% +.Will be hard, agree about the influence, from down the road,sorry but I have no time for them, ONLY THE PONT.

              • winsky01 Agree Alex Jones was excellent last week but he had a few injury problems at Bridgend last season so perhaps the coaches are managing him and don't want to flog him too much too soon? I thought Jordan showed so much improvement and was superb last season when he played for us.

            • Neil S Breeze is only on the bench; it probably is the Blues wanting him to get some game time but I suppose it is a case of helping them as they help Ponty with players so much. As for the other changes after the resounding win against Cardiff, this is a policy that has worked over the past few years to allow Ponty to challenege on the three fronts. First league game in is way too early to question what has been a successful policy.

  • Pontypridd vs Neath - Saturday Prediction

    Phill The Bull Hi guys!!
    Happy new Season everyone!
    I forsee a better Season for my Blacks - But not a win this Saturday!
    Ponty 36 - 12 Neath (HT 20-6) - Ponty Tries 5 - Total Tries 5 - Ponty Pens 1 - First Try Nuthall - Last Try Adam Thomas - Yellows 3 - GB Adam Thomas
    P.S. Hoppy sorry if this is a bit of a Mess! If Nuthall / Adam Thomas aren't playing please use players in their respective positions!

    • Hoppy Welcome back Phill. Have a good season, but not that good!!!

    • Stone Hi Hoppy, attached are my predictions for both the Neath (Home) and Newport (Away) games. Not going to be able to make either and unlikely to get my Newport prediction in before the game unless I submitt it today :(

  • website glitches

    ComeonthePont! I have recently failed to get the site on many occasions on various devices.
    Cannot find server or some such message.
    Anyone else having similar problems?

    • the mole Building work going on!

      • Stone If that's the case I hope they tidy up this forum format.

  • Owen Jenkins

    ComeonthePont! Anyone have any news on Owen Jenkins injury?
    I dozed off watching Zebre/Blus (tend to do this during Blues games) and I missed the time when he went off injured.

  • Facebook page

    Gareth Harris
    The Cardiff RFC facebook page 'The Blue & Blacks, Cardiff RFC' has some interesting reading after last Saturday's game.

    • winsky01 Most of the comments pretty accurate in fairness to them. We don't hear much anymore and have to put up with their pathetic trolling on here as we used to in years gone by. They haven't done last few years which has coincided with our sustained period of success, funny that.

      • Pontyboyo Yeah I thought they were being fair in their assessment too winsk. There was a good atmosphere on Sat but there must have been about 10 Cardiff fans there. A shame as it's always great having a good crowd from both sides.

        • vivrePont Yeah but if they've only got 10 what can you do?

          • Pat Vellian ponty should consider providing free transport for away fans to Sardis Road. im sure the cost of admission plus any bar takings would at least cover the cost of a coach.

            • winsky01 I can't imagine that would be very popular with clubs, would probably come across a bit patronising.

  • BIC fixtures

    Chief cant wait to see our BIC fixtures, when will they be out?

    • chris kingsbury The club are confirming dates and KO times with the other clubs and will be posted soon

      • chris kingsbury I am sorting out trips to all 3 venues
        Connacht weekend 18/19 October - 2 night stay
        Bristol Weekend 28/29 November - if required an over night stay
        London Scottish weekend 18/19/20 December an overnight stay

        If interested in the overnight stays please contact me 07863 160130

        There will also be day return trips to London Scottish and Bristol please contact Phil Lycett 01443 662561

        We cannot confirm prices as yet but if interested please contact the above

        Best regards


        • chris kingsbury sorry london scottish 13/14 december

  • Cardiff Starting Line Up

    peter jones Can someone confirm Cardiff team and subs that actually started the Match report team on the Cardiff website bears no resemblance to the one in the Programme or was announced pre the game ,this is the side reported on the Cardiff web site

    1 Lewis Smout
    2 Ethan Lewis
    3 Ryan Harford
    4 Macauley Cook
    5 James Goode
    6 Alwyn Lee
    7 Thomas Young
    8 Ben Roach
    9 Garyn Lucas
    10 Dean Gunter
    11 Shaun Powell C
    12 Richard Smith
    13 Cory Allen
    14 Jack Phillips
    15 Jamie Davies


    16 Jake Cooper-Woolley
    17 Callum Lewis Substitution
    18 Nathan Trevett Substitution
    19 Dan Partridge
    20 Nick White Substitution
    21 Sion Hopkins
    22 Adam Williams
    23 Adam Field

    • D Davies Correct team is now listed on the website as is an extremely short match report that tells it as it was with no complaints.

    • celticponty think that team is wrong, cory allen and macauley cook played for the blues today, harford is at aberavon now, and thomas young at wasps i think

      • winsky01 Yep and Tavis Knoyle started at 9 and the Blues new signing from Bristol Watkins was on the wing for them.

        • Chief that winger the one who thought he was playing touch rugby ? :)

        • saethennin That looks like a team sheet from 2 seasons back for Cardiff. Half those players have left the club over the last eighteen months.

          • ComeonthePont! my thought too

            • Kevin Fitzgerald 15 Mike Stephens
              14 George Watkins
              13 Shaun Powell
              12 Jack Phillips
              11 Ceri Young
              10 Dean Gunter
              9 Tavis Knoyle
              1 Lewis Smout
              2 Ethan Lewis
              3 Bruce Douglas
              4 Miles Normandale
              5 James Goode
              6 Ben Roach (Capt)
              7 Rory Watts-Jones
              8 Ieuan Jones
              16 Callum Lewis
              17 Joe Jones
              18 Rhys Williams
              19 Nick White
              20 Matthew Marley
              20 Tom Slater
              22 James Whittingham
              23 Ellis Wyn Benham

  • London welsh

    paul spencer Lost their first premiership match 52-0 against exeter

  • Connacht Eagles v Ponty

    Meludara Here are details of the Round 1 game of the B & I Cup I obtained from Connacht Rugby back in August.

    From: Eoin Hegarty ( [Administration and Ticketing Executive, Connacht Rugby]
    Sent: 18 August 2014 11:38:33

    "I got confirmation of the fixture today, so apologies for the delay in getting back to you."

    Date: Sunday 19th October Comp: B & I Cup Fixture: Eagles v Wales 2 KO: 14:30 Venue: The Sportsground

    Kind Regards,
    Connacht Rugby, The Sportsground, College Road, Galway
    +353 (0)91 561568

    Whether these fixture details still stand, who knows!!!

    Sun 19th Oct

    B&I Cup

    Eagles v Wales 2


    The Sportsground


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