Frustrations run high for non-playing Ponty Youth


Ponty Youth squadPonty Youth squad
Ponty Youth squad

Pontypridd Youth's season stuttered once more on Saturday 30th January with the postponement of a home league tie against Merthyr. The weather conditions for once were not a factor with the Sardis Road pitch playable, but rather their opponents' failure to raise a team.

Frustration levels amongst the Youth squad and management were understandably high.

Apart from a solitary National Youth Cup tie away to Penallta on 5th December, which ended in defeat, Ponty Youth have not played for almost three months. There were no fixtures fulfilled in the four weeks leading up to the Penallta clash, and none since then.

According to Youth Coach Simon Bayliss, the situation is far from ideal.

"We were preparing for a season of rebuilding with a new look squad" said Bayliss "but things were looking good as we had put together a winning run in the Blues A League and progressed in the District Cup.

"Now everything has ground to a halt, with the boys turning up for training week after week but then denied the opportunity to play."

One idea being mooted to promote a more robust Youth League is to merge the top sides from each region to form a 'Youth Premiership' - a concept which Bayliss supports.

"We are in contact with the WRU due to our dilemma and our lack of fixtures. The Youth Leagues need to be more competitive and some form of a shadow Premiership would surely be a step in the right direction."

Ponty Youth now hope to get going again with an away league tie against Mountain Ash on Saturday 6th February. Other interesting fixtures coming up on the calendar are an away friendly against Bristol Academy on the following Tuesday  evening, and hosting a touring US Naval Academy team on Friday 18th March. > Rugby > Development > Youth Rugby > Frustrations run high for non-playing Ponty Youth